Blue Stone Farm CSA

2051 Jefferson Rd, Otsego, MI 49078


We grow a diversity of vegetable crops in the glacial hills above the Kalamazoo River near Otsego, Michigan. Our fundamental goal is sustainability: sustaining the health of the local community that eats our produce, sustaining the ecological health of our land, and sustaining the livelihood of our small family farm.

Growing Practices: We focus on improving the quality and health of the soil that we grow in, using methods like green manure cover crops and composting to enhance fertility. We strive to encourage the benefits that the natural soil system (like earthworms & microbes) can help provide when it is not fumigated, and we minimize any external inputs, like synthetic fertilizers. By growing a wide diversity of crops and creating a diverse farm landscape, we attract pollinators and other beneficial organisms. We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or GMOs.

Farm Products: Vegetables, Eggs

CSA Information

CSA Type: Vegetables

Number of Shares: 25

Timeframe: May – October


CSA Locations and Pick Up Times: 

Saturday mornings at Texas Township Farmers market; Tuesday afternoons at Texas Township or at our farm


Farmers Markets: Texas Township Farmers Market