Diversity Farm

14750 Six Mile Road, Morley, MI 49336

Ryan, Delivery Manager 989-486-5782

Diversity Farm is an Amish farm located within the Old Order Amish community in Mecosta county 50 miles to the north of Grand Rapids. Diversity Farm’s three primary guiding principles are, (1) To minimize harm, (2) To cherish all life and (3) To do everything to increase and maintain nutrient density. We believe following these principles creates and sustains healthy communities by literally building from the ground up.

Growing Practices: Diversity Farm is a biological farm. Biological farming is inclusive of organic farming practices, but goes beyond by cooperating with nature and using modern agricultural science to bring balance between the physical soil structure, chemical nutrients, and biological life of the soil. Restoring balance results in the reduction and elimination of chemical pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, whether organic or conventional, and further results in an active living soil that supports the whole farm as a working ecosystem. This system eventually reduces the need for fertilizer inputs by increasing active microbial life in the soil. A healthy ecosystem, like a healthy body, is self-supporting and self-sustaining, but restoring balance is and always will be a multi-generational effort. Ultimately, healthy plants, soils, animals, and people are a healthy ecosystem.

Farm Products: Vegetables, Meat, Milk, Eggs

CSA Information

CSA Type: Vegetables, Milk Share

Number of Shares: 80

CSA Timeframe: June-October


CSA Pickup Locations: On Farm in Morley,

867 Diamond Ave. NE Grand Rapids,

or 1205 N State St Big Rapids


Wholesale Available: Yes