Woodbridge Dairy Farm LLC

1050 Woodbridge St

Byron Center, MI 49315

Phone: 616-896-7836

We farm with the earth, animals and you in mind. Healthy and clean from pasture to plate. Farming, the way it was, the way it should be.

CSA Information

CSA Type: Milk and Meat at farm, Meat CSA at Fulton St Farmers Market

CSA Timeframe: Milk shares open all year round with on-farm pick up, Meat CSA Pick u is the 3rd Saturday of the month – Meat CSA winter/spring share (Feb-June), Meat CSA summer/fall (July-Nov)

Growing practices: Our animals are born and raised on our farm, with the exception of the baby chicks and bison. 90% of our feed is raised by us, chemical free and GMO Free since 2004. What we can’t raise, we source just like we grow.

CSA Pick Up Locations: Milk and Meat on farm, Meat CSA at Fulton St Farmers Market

Farmers Markets: Fulton St Farmers Market, Grand Rapids

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